We can provide barrier matting

across a wide variety of sectors

Barrier matting at entrances to buildings minimise slip risks, reduces maintenance and cleaning costs.

Using carefully specified matting throughout your buildings in areas of high foot fall can help you to maintain a high level of health and safety as well as reducing potential damage to flooring and carpets.

We provide life and lay service or rental matting which is laundered and replaced every fortnight.

Incorporating your logo into matting can help improve the appearance of access points to your site.

In line with the building regulations and British Standards, barrier matting is required to help provide safe access for all users of a building.

FACT – 70% of dirt entering a building is brought by feet and wheel traffic. Mats are 94% efficient for stopping foot dirt entering the building.

  • Internal matting
  • External matting
  • Logo matting
  • Lift and lay service

Why Use Fidelis?

Here at Fidelis, our team is passionate and dedicated to providing world-class service to our customers. We live by our philosophy to be honest, reliable and loyal in every aspect of our business. The difference is us!

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Valuing our Customers

We value every customer at Fidelis. From bespoke solutions to our continued support throughout every stage of the process, you can be sure you're in safe hands with us.

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Valuing our Team

Without our people, we would be nothing. We pay our operatives higher than the national minimum wage as well as provide training and development schemes.

We are honest, reliable and loyal in everything we do

Our Philosophy

We are honest, reliable and loyal in everything we do. You can be sure that we will maintain a great standard of communication regarding all work undertaken.

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Our Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards. At Fidelis, we ensure that all work undertaken by us is to the highest standard, and refuse to leave any premises less than spotless.