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What should you look for in a cleaning contractor?

Choosing a cleaning contractor is an important decision, as it is a key investment for any business, organisation or school. But how do find the right cleaning contractor for you and what qualities should you look for, to ensure you...

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The Importance of making a great First Impression

It takes just 20 seconds for a person to make a first impression and everything from their appearance, body language, facial expressions, tone and language plays a part in forming this impression.  Although it takes such a short time for...

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Providing a Quality Customer Service from Start to Finish

When you consider the question ‘What is quality Customer Service?’ your initial thoughts will probably jump to how your staff converse and present themselves to customers, the quality of the product or service you are providing and the level of...

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Importance of a Clean and Healthy Environment for your Team

Health and well-being has become a big topic and focus in recent years, not only in society in general, but across all areas of business. A clean environment is imperative to creating a desirable place to work. Staff health and...

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Fidelis Group launch Grounds Maintenance Division

We are delighted to announce the launch of Fidelis Grounds, our new dedicated Grounds Maintenance division of the Fidelis Group. Led by Ian Gould, Fidelis Grounds will provide grounds and landscaping services contracts and projects across the UK. The launch...

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How to keep a gym clean

If you own a gym, then there's one thing you probably dread – keeping it clean. All the sweat, germs and bacteria can be a nightmare to get rid of, especially when it's on a constant basis. Don't despair though,...

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Four common carpet stains and how to remove them

If you have a pristine white carpet at home then there’s probably one thing you dread – carpet stains. Unfortunately, carpet stains are a fact of life and they can happen at any time without notice. But don’t despair, because...

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Tips for keeping a washroom clean

Keeping washrooms clean isn’t easy. Once a washroom is clean, it’s unlikely to stay that way for very long, especially you’re a shop or restaurant with a high volume of traffic or a company with a lot of employees. The...

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How to get the most of out of your cleaning company

There’s just not enough time in the day! Too many meeting to attend, too many tasks to stay on top of, and just too much to do overall. When you’re snowed under with work, relying on outside help is vital....

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Six benefits of a clean and tidy workplace

Every business should keep its premises clean. We’re not just saying that; cleaning can actually have several tangible benefits for your company. In this post, we’ll go over six of the main benefits of keeping your workplace clean and tidy....

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Here’s How to Make Your Office Smell Nice

Many us spend more time in an office than we would like to. It’s an unfortunate fact of our work-oriented lives that we spend 40, 50, sometimes even 60 hours a week sitting in an office. If you have no...

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Why retailers should hire a professional cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company Is one of the best decisions that a shop-owner can make. Some shop-owners think that they can save money by having their own employees do the cleaning, but you know that your customers deserve better...

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