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A day in the life of … Mike Freeman, Contracts Manager

A day in the life of … Mike Freeman, Contracts Manager How long have you been with Fidelis? I have been with Fidelis for nearly 2 years having joined in February 2018.   Describe your role in one sentence My...

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A day in the life of…Ryan Halford, Contracts Manager

A day in the life of…Ryan Halford, Contracts Manager How long have you been with Fidelis? I have been with Fidelis for 5 years; I started as a Supervisor/Operative at IAC Coleshill.  Although I had experience in facilities management, I...

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A day in the life of… Michael Williamson, Sales Manager

‘A day in the life of’ Michael Williamson, Sales Manager   How long have you been with Fidelis? I am very new to Fidelis and have been here for just 5 months – this is my first role within the...

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Complying with Health and Safety Legislation?

As an employer, you have a duty to protect your employees from harm and to provide them with a comfortable and safe workplace.  To ensure employers are abiding to this duty, Parliament regulates working conditions through laws and legislations such...

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Reduce Workplace Accidents : How can your Cleaning Contractor help?

Every business will have processes in place that ensure they are maintaining the highest level of Health and Safety and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.  When you think of the ways in which employers maintain Health and Safety on...

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10 Reasons to Join Fidelis

If you are you in search of your next career opportunity, and would like to work for a company who really cares about their people, we are always looking to recruit people to join our team.  Our people are what...

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What makes Fidelis different?

Our aim at Fidelis is to provide our customers with the very best service and experience from start to finish.  It is this high quality workmanship, along with our professionalism and high standards that has enabled us to build a...

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What accreditations do Fidelis have?

Our ethos is all about providing our customers with high quality in everything that we do, from our people and communication, through to the services we provide and the accreditations we maintain. Here is some information about the accreditations, certificates...

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What should you look for in a cleaning contractor?

Choosing a cleaning contractor is an important decision, as it is a key investment for any business, organisation or school. But how do find the right cleaning contractor for you and what qualities should you look for, to ensure you...

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The Importance of making a great First Impression

It takes just 20 seconds for a person to make a first impression and everything from their appearance, body language, facial expressions, tone and language plays a part in forming this impression.  Although it takes such a short time for...

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Providing a Quality Customer Service from Start to Finish

When you consider the question ‘What is quality Customer Service?’ your initial thoughts will probably jump to how your staff converse and present themselves to customers, the quality of the product or service you are providing and the level of...

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Importance of a Clean and Healthy Environment for your Team

Health and well-being has become a big topic and focus in recent years, not only in society in general, but across all areas of business. A clean environment is imperative to creating a desirable place to work. Staff health and...

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