A day in the life of…Ryan Halford, Contracts Manager

How long have you been with Fidelis?

I have been with Fidelis for 5 years; I started as a Supervisor/Operative at IAC Coleshill.  Although I had experience in facilities management, I wanted to learn about the business and culture of Fidelis before progressing to becoming a Contracts Manager


Describe your role in one sentence

To deliver world class service to our customers and look after our people


Why did you feel Fidelis was the right place for you? 

Fidelis is a family run business which was important to me. I have always felt part of that family which creates a fantastic place to work.


How do Fidelis compare to previous roles?

Cleaning is such a false economy; everyone is always out to undercut the next person but nobody delivers the service we deliver at Fidelis. Our customer relations are second to none and we do this because the difference is us.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I am responsible for 30 sites across the Midlands with a team of 170 operatives. There is a not typical day for me as I am visiting clients, conducting site audits and ensuring our operatives are happy.

When you feel passionate about something and you constantly want to make things better for your customers and operatives this can mean at times that our days are very busy.


What is the most challenging element of your role?

Time can be difficult to manage; it is hard to turn off on a personal level when you are always driving forward to make sure we constantly deliver an excellent service.


What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Our people and the teams we have throughout the business make my role so enjoyable.


Do you think that Fidelis and your current role has enhanced your personal development? If so, how?

This goes without saying, my personal reflection on who I was and who I am now after five years is incredible. I have grown and developed not just within my role at work but also as an individual. What I want now is completely different to what I wanted five years ago and Fidelis have given me the ladder to climb towards that goal.


How would you describe Fidelis to a friend?

The honest answer to that is Fidelis are the best and most organised company I’ve ever worked for and I owe them so much for what they have and continue to do for me.

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