A day in the life of … Mike Freeman, Contracts Manager

How long have you been with Fidelis?

I have been with Fidelis for nearly 2 years having joined in February 2018.


Describe your role in one sentence

My role as a contracts manager consists of the day to day running of customers sites which involves all areas of the services we offer. The role I currently have is challenging and extremely reactive – no two days are ever the same.


Why did you feel Fidelis was the right place for you?

When I first had my interview at Fidelis it was clear from that moment that it was the right decision. I felt so comfortable and was able to be myself.


How do Fidelis compare to previous roles / companies?

I have worked in many various roles for many different companies during my career but have never felt so at home as I do at Fidelis.


What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day, they vary so much which is what I like. One day I can be driving from site to site conducting quality audits and meeting with customers. The next day I can be completing deep cleans and carpet cleans on different sites to support our industrial team. On another day, I could be conducting interviews on a recruitment day…. Every day is different.


What is the most challenging element of your role? 

You have to be extremely reactive and be able to adapt at very short notice that have to be dealt with. For instance you could receive a call from a customer who has had a spillage on site.


What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

I thrive on a challenge and for me each day offers a new challenge to be resolved.


Do you think that Fidelis and your current role has enhanced your personal development? If so,how?

For me my confidence has grown since I started my role at Fidelis and it has had a real positive effect on my personal life. I’m now looking at ways to progress in my career, the challenges that are dealt with each day just shows what can be achieved with hard work and a great team around you for support.


How would you describe Fidelis to a friend?

I often tell my friends and family how enjoyable it is to work at Fidelis, this is down to a number of factors, whether it’s the environment in which we work, the people which are working alongside you or just the way everyone supports one another. It is just a great place to work.

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